Friday, April 17, 2009

New measurement

In case I ever get pregnant again.....

27 weeks = 42 inches round

Thursday, April 16, 2009

27 weeks

The babies are really moving a lot now. So much that Neal actually got creeped out by it! They move a lot more at night now and especially when I eat. I think last night our little boy was playing the drums on my side. He had a good steady beat going. I believe he has his mothers natural musical ability. I am not sure how long he lasted as I fell asleep. Pretty soon I think I could lay a book on my belly and their kicks would knock it off!

This week........
During this week, the brain continues its rapid growth, and the lungs continue to grow. Eyelids begin to open, and the retinas begin to form. The baby will grow over 1/2 inch this week and will be about 1 1/3 feet long (from crown of head to the toes or 9.6 inches from crown to rump)!

Hard to believe I have 2 living things weighing about 2 pounds each and over a foot long inside my belly! Next ultrasound is Monday, I cannot wait! Other than being sick with a cold the last weeks have been the best part of my pregnancy. I hope this continues for a while longer. I have learned I need to move/ roll much slower now. Birthing class on Sunday, that is surely going to freak the both of us out.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


And it is all Neal's fault! He gave me this terrible cold. I have not been this sick in over 10 years. All of the time I was in and out of OSU hospital and not getting proper sleep or nutrition and I never got sick once. Throw 20 pounds on my belly and decrease my social activity to zero and I catch everything under the sun. Ok, I am done complaining. No picture this week. No one would be able to look past my rudolph nose to see my belly. Besides, I don't think I grew at all this week. I need to look at my diet, I have not gained any weight in a while.

I made the move to my own room this week. I toss and turn a lot and go to the bathroom so much that I figured it would be best for everyone. I am not the most desirable woman at this point in my pregnancy anyways. Not to mention the fact that I am typically wide awake at 2am and wanting to watch tv. It takes an hour before my second dose of benadryl kicks in. My kids are going to come out very sleepy. Anyways, I wonder how Neal and I ever fit in this full size bed with two dogs. I felt like I was going to fall out. We must have really been in love.