Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 year pics!

I cannot believe my babies are three! 

Gwen is such a caring and nurturing little girl.  She is always watching out for her big brother and asking everyone if they are happy.  Some would say she is stubborn and bossy like me, but I would say she knows what she wants!  Gwen was really two going on twenty.  Gwen is always trying to please everyone.  She has gotten quite tough in the last 3 years as her bigger brother has roughed her up.  She likes to do everything by herselfs.  She is very polite.  Gwen is a girly girl and wants to wear dresses, paint her nails, wear high heels and lots of jewelry.  She loves to take care of her baby and always wants her blankie.  I love her with my whole heart!

Grady is about as boy as you can get. He can be aggressive, crazy and sweet all within a minutes time. Grady cannot get enough of girls hair, especially Gwen's. He tends to be rougher and really enjoys to wrestle. At other times he can spend hours playing with his big trucks, cars or dominos. Grady still loves to line things up and has now taken up putting things in various boxes. From one box to another all day long! He is extremely observant and is always watching the world around him. Grady has recently decided to start eating like a boy and has started clearing his plate more frequently. I love him with my whole heart!

Grady and Gwen are best friends.  They are always looking out for one another.  Watching Grady and Gwen develop a sibling relationship has been amazing.

I am one very happy and proud mommy!