Monday, January 26, 2009

If you have a weak stomach, stop reading!

Today I fell to a new level. If you ask Neal, I am pretty good about making it to the bathroom when I am not feeling good. Heck I can even make it a 15 minute car ride home if everyone in the car is quiet and I can focus. Well this morning was a different story. I was cleaning the car off before work and suddenly it hit and it hit fast. I had one second to decide if I could make it back inside. I did not have enough time. I hustled over to the side of the driveway and lost it. I actually knew this was coming from the minute I woke up, so I should have just hung out inside until the big moment arrived. Now I am outside looking around to see if any neighbors are out, totally embarrassed. Sweet, all clear! Now another dilemma….what do I do about my mess. Well, I did what Tippy and Luke would do, I kicked some snow over it and went on with my day. Luckily the car was now warm, so I guess bad things sometimes end up with good outcomes. Next stop, Burger King for a croissanwich, somehow those always stay down! I guess this was better than when I lost my expensive Jason’s lunch next to the bushes outside my office. At least no one walked out with me that day!

Perhaps I am writing this to gross people out, encourage birth control, or perhaps I am writing this so someday I can look back on it and laugh. Regardless, I do understand how gross it is especially now that I am putting it down on paper.