Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo Friday

Things have been crazy the last few weeks. The kids started school, I started a new job and Neal has been working late. A lot of adjustments for everyone, but so far all is going great.

Grady is doing good. We had another doctors appointment to check his size and he is not really growing wider, but he is growing up. We will be monitoring him at home and if we see no changes we will probably have to get some testing done. Hopefully the little guy starts gaining some weight. He was 33 inches and weighed about 22.5 pounds, a little lower than the last time. He did really good at this appointment. He hates the doctor, but by the time we were done he was asking if he could go back.

Gwen and her BFF! The night started good at Bucca and then the food sucked and the kids constantly wanted to go potty aka play with the toilet and sink. Probably will not be going out for a while!

Grandma and Daddy got to drop the kids off at school for their first day. The report was good, Gwen cried on and off, which then led to Grady being a little upset, but overall they did fine. Neither of them wanted to go potty, but Gwen held it the whole time and Grady had an accident right when we got there. By the second week they had no accidents!

Gwen heading straight for the babies at school. Grady is trying to figure out where all the big trucks are!