Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Year Old!

It was about this time one year ago today that I was starting to worry because I was not feeling Gwen move as much as she previously had. I made a doctor's appointment expecting everything to be fine. Once I got to the doc, she suggested I head over to OSU to have a non-stress test done. This was the first I had ever had. I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant. I had a c-section scheduled for July 7th, another week away. I called Neal to meet me at the house so we could go to the hospital together. We grabbed our bags just in case. My adrenaline was really running through my blood. I was ready to meet Grady and Gwen and was thinking that I would be disappointed if I left the hospital without them. We headed to OSU and they hooked the babies up to monitors pretty quickly. I started to feel a few small contractions. After about 30 minutes a nurse came in and asked me if I was having any pressure problems. I responded that yes, I had some pressure in my belly, after all I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins. She was referring to my blood pressure. Apparently it was pretty high. They called my doc and it was determined I would deliver that day, June 29th 2009. Now the adrenaline was actually coming out of my pores. We had to wait around a couple of hours since I had just ate lunch. Luckily Ryan and Leslie were already on their way to the hospital to visit a fellow living donor. They helped to pass the time. This was one year ago today and I will never forget the anticipation I had to meet my babies.

Fast forward one year and I cannot even believe how lucky I am.


Grady is always on the go. He is a dare devil. Dad even caught him trying to climb on the toy box the other day. He will be walking very shortly. Grady is typically very happy. When he gets frustrated, typically because he cannot push something, he makes a grunting type noise. Grady can tell us he is 1 and after he does he always smiles. He loves to eat just about anything. Grady is an easy baby. He is a boy, a real boy. When Gwen has a toy, he typically rushes over to take it. Grady loves to push his toys around the room and enjoys playing with blocks. Before Grady does anything bad, he always looks over at Grandma to make sure she is paying attention, sometimes shaking his head no. He likes to point at everything. His little pointer finger is always ready to go. When he wakes up in the morning he is always standing at the end of the crib closest to the door waiting for someone to free him. I anticipate he will be climbing out before we know it. Grady is so handsome and has already had two haircuts, both of which he did not enjoy! I have loved watching him grow every day and cannot for what is to come in the next year!


Gwen is a girl, plain and simple. She moves slower, shares her toys, crosses her legs and eats slow, but clean. When she hears someone coming down the stairs, she immediately begins to blow kisses. Sometimes she misses her mouth and hits her eye or ear. Gwen loves to play behind the chair in the living room. Sometimes her and Grady will chase each other. Gwen loves to dance, especially to Yo Gabba Gabba. We can put bows in her hair and she will not bother them. She already knows how to put her pretend lipstick on, maybe she can teach me someday. She loves to wave, even though it is typically toward herself. Gwen gives a little smile right before she is about to do something that she knows is wrong! She prefers to be pushed around on her truck, rather than push them herself. She was later than Grady to crawl, but once she started she began standing and cruising in a week or two. he will lay in her crib in the morning and play quietly with her stuffed animals. Poor girl has eczema, which is always a challenge, especially in the summer. Gwen is beautiful. I have loved watching her grow every day and cannot wait for what is to come in the next year.

I will post the birthday pictures when I get them. We had a great time even though Gwen was not feeling that great.