Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flu 2011

Unfortunately we had a visit from the flu this week. Gwen started on Saturday night. See was up for about 2 hours throwing up then finally went to sleep tossing and turning, the next night, she only got sick twice. Monday morning I called the doc and was warned it is extremely contagious and not fun. Monday night around 9:00, I heard someone else getting sick. Unfortunately Grady got me. I took my very dirty shirt off and called for Neal. First he got a little excited seeing his half naked wife in the hall waiting for him, then he walked in to the nursery to see a disaster. Within an hour, I was in the bathroom. I could barely take care of myself let alone anyone else. Poor Grady was up for 6 hours getting sick every 20 minutes. This is serious people, stay away from it! Flu shots apparently did not cover this monster. Grandma was not so lucky either, she was hit on Wednesday around noon. One word that describes it, violent. We are finally on the up swing. Here are some pics pre and post.

Finally happy and eating!

Gwen's version of the look. Crazy Daddy!


Monday, April 4, 2011