Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thoughts at 3am

I have been reading a lot of blogs and message boards related to twins. I came across one womans blog that addressed the sleepless nights that occur right when you find out you are having twins. I read her thoughts and realized I was not so crazy. These were my exact thoughts. I just had to copy this so one day I could look back to determine if these were even valid concerns.

-Twins?! Two?! Of everything?!
-How do you even pick UP two babies??
-Crying: In stereo
-How will we afford diapers
-How do you nurse two???
-Worse, how do you afford formula for two???
-There's 2! TWO!
-I'm going to be HUGE
-Am I even equipped for this?
-Will we ever sleep again?
-How can I fit two humans in my belly?
-Oh, I can't wait to kiss two sets of soft little sweet newborn lips!
-I need two carseats, how are they going to fit in the car? Maybe we should have bought a minivan
-Do I have the patience in me for this?
-Can I do this?
-Our family identity will forever be changed. We will now be "The Kothes, they have twins."
-I feel so overwhelmed
-I feel so blessed
-How will I ever have the stamina and energy to be a mommy to twin newborns AND be a wife AND hold down a full time job???
-Poor Neal
-I'm going to be HUGE
-We are so lucky, we have wanted this for so long
-Twins. Twins! Twins! :)

I think those that saw us a couple of weeks after finding out about the twins could see it in our faces. A complete deer in headlights look. Now, I cannot wait to meet the babies!