Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is 2 enough?

According to tv eight is enough. That certainly will not happen. The week after the babies were born Neal and I both said never again. This was not because of the labor or the babies, that was all fine, it was because of my liver scare. The thought of having to go through another organ failure scared the crap out of us. Now we are 8 weeks later and things have changed. I already feel like I miss when the babies were just born. This feeling will only get stronger every week they grow. Will I regret not having another?

Neal and I have always balanced each other out. When one wanted to do something foolish or spend money unnecessarily, the other is always there to say no. I had mentioned having another baby and Neal immediately said no. That was the deal, one would always say no. Yesterday Neal came home and asked when I wanted to have another baby. I immediately panicked. My heart rate rose. Am I sure we should have another? Perhaps this was not the best decision. No, I say. What about when I said we were blessed with two, a boy and a girl, riding partners at Cedar Point. And that my friends is the perfect balance that exists in my marriage.

I know you are all thinking, this is too early to be thinking this. Others are probably saying I am completely crazy. But I say, what is one more? I can put one on my back, one on my chest and strap one to a leg, can't I?

New House

Progress is being made on Severhill Drive. This weeks project, the roof....

Two Month Well Baby Appointment

All in all a good appointment today for the babies. The doctor kinda pissed me off, the receptionist was extremely rude, but the babies are fine. Here are the stats:

Head circumference 15.5
Length 21 10th percentile
Weight 11 pounds 3 ounces 40th percentile

Head circumference 15
Length 21 10th percentile
Weight 10 pounds 25th percentile

So what did we learn... They are both going to be midgets, wait no, the doctor said petite. How on earth you can tell that in two months is beyond me. Grady's head is not that much larger than Gwen's. It appears much larger, but only a half inch. We also learned that he still has a bad flat spot on his head. He just loves looking to the right. I keep telling him that he is missing out on everything going on on the left, but he does not seem to care.

Both babies got shots today. 3 a piece. Believe it or not, this was the first time I have heard Grady really cry. He was actually worse than Gwen. After the doc we went to lunch and did some shopping. Once we got home, both babies passed out.

Surprisingly my doctor did not know if it was ok to use generic formula. How is that I ask? I cannot believe she has not received this question before. I am convinced the formula companies are giving her a week long cruise a year for her to say that to a mom. Of course if I start using it, I will feel guilty since my doctor did not approve it. Too bad she is not paying for it. She also suggested that if the babies are eating all of their bottles, I should be giving them another ounce. Her words "there should always be a little formula leftover". My question to her "when will you be sending a check to my house to pay for all of this leftover formula?" For those of you that do not know, one can of name brand formula costs about $23. With two babies, I go through about two a week. Once they start eating more, I estimate I will need four cans a week. In case you cannot do the math, that will be $100 a week, $400 a month, a car payment! Generic is about half of that, so a used car payment. Perhaps Neal should get that second job at Fedex!

We have been cleared to start swimming. That will hopefully be our adventure this weekend, along with the babies first Buckeye game. We will be watching it on tv and they will probably sleep through it, however I have already trained Grady to say O-H and Gwen to say I-O. They are so advanced.

Two Months Old!

The babies had a very eventful day for their two month birthday. They had their first roadtrip to Cleveland for a family picnic. As you can see, they had no problems in the car. They also met their friend Gina. She was adorable. I cannot wait until they are older and will play together. Grady was already putting the moves on her. He was trying to show off by rolling onto his side. The babies did pretty well. It was a long day and we were all very tired when we got home. Gwen has been sleeping 5 + hour stretches for a couple of weeks now. The great news is Grady finally caught on. In the last week he has been sleeping 5 hour stretches. This makes for a very happy and well rested mommy! I cannot believe my little babies are already 2 months old. I already want another one. Here is Gwen getting startled when she is sleeping. Hands out, fingers spread and chin out.