Friday, February 20, 2009

20 week Ultrasound

Everything looks great. The babies are both 10 ounces which they tell us is right on schedule. We got to see them for about an hour and a half, well I got to see them. During the last 20 minutes or so we heard someone in the room SNORING. It was not me, the babies or the ultrasound tech, so you can guess who it was. I guess what amuses me does not amuse Neal.

We were really lucky because there was someone training so after we were done she asked if she could look around. The ultrasound was zoomed in, so we did not get to see as much as we have in the past. Both babies were moving around a lot. Our girl flipped which she also did at our last ultrasound. Our little boy was constantly kicking at my cervix, apparently he is ready to be released. I go back in another 4 weeks. I am so spoiled with ultrasounds.

I again have been getting sick. I am in a nice every other day pattern. I am going to start taking some medicine to help with that. Even while getting sick, I am not having any problems gaining weight! I think I am at about 10 pounds. I will get Neal to take a belly pic this weekend. Today I said out loud I am going to be a parent.............SCARY, ISN'T IT!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I saw this on another blog and it was just too cute to pass up. I still am not really feeling the babies move. At last Wednesday's ultrasound our boy was moving all over and our girl was sleeping. Friday we have our big ultrasound. We should get to see them for a good hour and learn how big they are.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time is going so slow......

I am ready to meet the babies already! Things should start moving along quickly. We are taking a Marvelous Multiples class on the 28th. It will be nice to meet some new people. We will also get a tour of the NICU. Hopefully we will not need it. Neal is ticked because it is all day. Yes that is right 9-5. I myself am not sure I will make it through the day. That is a long day. Beforehand we are hoping to swing by a twins sale and pick up some cheap, used things. As my dad informed me, this baby stuff is expensive! We also need to pick our au pair. For some reason, we are just not motivated to do this. Perhaps that has to do with the down payment we have to put on her once we make the selection.