Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buckingham Orchard

Neal, Les, Connor, Gwen, Grady and I headed north to apple pick on Friday. It was a chilly morning. The only hats I have are homemade hats that look like apples, quite appropriate for the occassion. The stroller made it through the orchards, but the babies were kinda fussy. Of course once we got to the back of the orchard Grady needed a diaper change. Neal took the babies back to the front and Les, Connor and I picked some apples. Connor loves apples. He really is the cutest kid ever, along with my kids, of course. He was asking his mom for help, which meant he needed her to take the first bite to get him started. I don't blame him, I hate taking that first bite. We all tasted our fair share.

What a surprise...

I cannot believe this is happening....................

I have a double chin. Why didn't you tell me? Weight Watchers here I come.

Did I scare you?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another weekend passes

It was an eventful weekend. Once again, the babies decided they wanted to cut swim lessons. It was the babies first night away from home. Well not actually considering we lived at Ryan and Leslie's for 3 days, a hotel for 3 weeks and now a temporary home, but you get the idea. We headed up to Cleveland so Neal could go to the Bucks game at Browns stadium. I stayed behind and went over to Suzy's to visit with her and Gina. We took the babies to Little Italy on Friday night. It is very difficult to eat out with them lately. They are fussy in the evening and hate their car seats. If I could take the bouncy seats, I would. Here are some pictures.

My cat, I mean my husband sticking his head through the cat hole in our rental place. How could I resist this man?

Grady gets the remote.

The babies slept so well in the play pen together. Grady is actually looking left!!! This was one picture of them. One time Neal woke up and said they were almost kissing. Soon we will need to travel with two pack and plays.

Grady and Grandma Dorothy

Nope, that is not bird poop! Gina gave Daddy a little present on his head. Between this and my husband putting his head through the cat hole, I got an ab workout. I could not stop laughing.

Saturday night we were back home. The babies must have been wiped out. Gwen slept 11 hours straight and Grady slept over 7 hours straight. It was a record for both of them. We wrapped up the weekend by selecting our entire kitchen and light fixtures for the entire house. The babies actually did good at Lowe's. Apparently they like cabinetry.