Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi my name is Grady Kothe and I am a thief

After being stuck in the house last week with Daddy being out of town, I decided it was time to get out. The store of choice is typically target. I found some really cute tights for Gwen. When I got to the check out I specifically checked the basket on the stroller to make sure I did not forget anything. I then went to the parking lot and picked Grady up and there were Gwen's tights sitting on his lap. I gasped at my son not believing he could do this. I am typically an honest person and considered going back in, but Gwen was crying. I rationalized in my head that I spend tons of money at Target and the $3.99 tights were not going to break the books, not to mention they were overpriced. Anyways, I did not steal anything, it was Grady! They would not send a 4 month old to prison, would they?.

He does not look guilty.

Have any of you moms ever had this happen?

Dinner Out

It is getting harder and harder to take the babies out to eat. Unless they are asleep, they hate sitting in their car seats. We typically take them out and sit them on the table until our food comes. We had a really good time with them last night. They were karate chopping one another. Typically we have an audience and last night was no exception. A lady came over to our table and said she hoped we could settle a bet. The bet was whether they were twins or we were two single parents on a date. My response, he is my baby daddy.

Sibling Love

The babies are really starting to notice one another. It is so cute to see them looking at each other. Grady is always smiling at his sister. Although to be honest, Grady is always smiling, even if no one is looking at him. Well, let's just say he loves smiling at his sister. Perhaps he is thinking, man I am so happy you are no longer kicking me in the head like you did for 9 months. Gwen on the other hand loves to eat her big brother. I hope eating is not what makes her happy, I hate for her to already have a negative relationship with food. Ok, so I have completely destroyed my initial thoughts of the sibling love I see in these pictures.

Gwen eating Grady