Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blanket Rides!

We owe Grandma for this!

Week of Firsts

This was a big week of firsts. First the babies and myself tried our first PB&J. I do not think any of us were that excited.

Then Grady was the first baby to get cranky while we were at open gym. This never happens, he is usually the energizer bunny!

Grady before he got tired.

Then the first I am not so proud of, we took the babies to the Varsity Club for the Buckeye game. It was not crowded and they did pretty well. I thought the first time I would take them there we would be sharing a beer, but not quite!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Year Pics!

We got some great shots of the twins. The photographer came to the house for 2 hours. She thought it would be easy to get a picture of the two of them sitting next to each other! Of course it was next to impossible, but she did get some amazing pictures. The rest of the pictures are in the header.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pigeon Roost

We headed out to Pigeon Roost Farm this weekend with some friends and had a great time. The twins held up pretty good.

Grady holding his corn husk.

C on his way to find Big Foot!

C & R heading down the slide.

C feeding the animals. He is a brave boy!

Grady going in the corn tunnel!

Grady coming out the corn tunnel a happy man.

We could have probably left Grady and the corn tunnel the entire time and not had to worry about him. He loved it.

No, the song is to the left to the left, you are looking the wrong way!

Matt, Jen and R after face painting.

R & C in the clubhouse.

C riding the horse swing.

Gwen riding the horse swing.

R did not have such luck with the horse swing!

Gwen loving the hayride. The wind was blowing on her and the ride was bumpy!

Something was funny!

Matt thought so.

C did too!

Once Gwen was out of the corn tunnel she was a happy girl! The ice cream probably helped too.

No, we did not put them in the cage with the animals!

My little leg girl. I would not have it any other way.
Grady almost took off into the straw tunnel.

Human gerbil wheels!

No mom, that is not how you do it!

Corn box! About the closest the twins will get to being buried in something for a long time. Pacifiers are a necessity as they really do like corn and it was getting close to lunch time.

R making corn angels!

C getting his clothes loaded up with corn to take back to the car as a souvenir.

Good camel.

Watch it!

Thanks for the hayride Patty and Ed, it was great.

See you next year!