Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gwen's First Time Out

Gwen was getting sick and tired of Grady bragging about how he can roll over, so she decided to take out a little bit of her frustration on him physically. Now we do not encourage this and we have put her in timeout so she will learn that her behavior is unacceptable.

My Little Drummer Boy


Gwen loves to swing. She cannot wait until we can get outside and hang up the new swing Gradma and Grandpa bought her for Christmas. Until then, we turn our Johnny Jump Up into a swing for as long as our arms can bear the weight!

No more tummy time!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Then I got high

Grady is the most adorable little boy.

Grady can take a great picture.
This is Grady's signature pose.

Sometimes though, I am surprised by what the camera shows.

Do I need to say more?

My favorite activity

Both babies have their own favorite activity other than putting anything they can grab into their mouth.

I'm gonna eat you!

Gwen loves to pull hair. I am a very proud mommy as she is very good at it. Gwen could not resist herself when she saw Aunt Stacy’s new haircut.

Grady on the other hand prefers to flick. He will flick everything. I am very proud of him as well because he does not discriminate when he flicks. Grady is my little flicker.

Grady flicking his toy

Grady flicking his own lip

Grady flicking himself

On other occasions we have seen Grady flicking Gwen, the dogs, us, his puffs. You name it and he has flicked it.

What the babies do when Mommy and Daddy go out

Thanks Schranks' and Gradma for giving us a night out the last couple of weeks!

Tippy and Luke

We did not go all out and wrap presents for the babies at Christmas. I did however buy them a toy box. I hate clutter. I know, I better get used to it. The play room needed a little something more. What I have found is that the dogs also needed the toy box. Where else are they going to relax and have the best view of the sidewalk in front of the house. Afterall, it is their job to bark at anyone and anything that comes near our property. Funny thing is both fatty’s sit on it together!

Other than watching out the window, when we are patient enough to open the blind, the dogs pretty much do what they do best… sleep. Tippy continues to be his anxious self and has to be in everyone’s business. If there is something dropped on the ground, we quickly call for clean up in the kitchen. The dogs are starting to understand this phrase as much as they understand outside.

I was asked if I love them as much as I used to and I do. They certainly do not get as much attention as they used to, but they are starting to learn that the babies are messy eaters and I think that replaces any attention they have lost. Both dogs have been very good with the babies. If a baby tries to pet them, they usually just get up and move. Occassionally they get excited when someone new enters the house and forget to watch where they are stepping, but they have not done any damage. We have even considered letting Tippy babysit the whole clan, I mean he is 84 years old!