Thursday, June 25, 2009


Man did I get Neal good last night. We just got home and he was doing something in the garage. I walked out and told him my water broke. He immediately looked down and looked up at me with the most priceless face. He said I almost gave him a heart attack. I am still smiling thinking about it! I have been holding this prank out for days. Unfortunately it did not go on long because when he looked down, I started laughing. At least he did not yell at me for bad timing with his work schedule!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am now measuring about 46 weeks pregnant!

I should be more angry, pissed and uncomfortable, shouldn't I? Perhaps it has to do with wanting to be pregnant for 3.5 years.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Change in Birthday

Well, the babies will be born 7/7 instead of 7/6. My OBGYN, who I have not been happy with prior to this, never scheduled my c-section. Good thing I asked. They did not even have the you know what to call me and tell me they screwed it up, I had to call them. What if I would have asked next week and they said the surgery would have to wait another week! Oh well, not a big deal for me, but for my family that has already scheduled their time off. So 7/7/09 unless something happens before then. The only thing I can forsee happening is my feet and ankles exploding, otherwise, I don't think these babies are planning an exit anytime soon. I am pretty sure if the doctor let them, they would take up a permenant residence in my stomach. I am glad that Neal could get a laugh out of this!

I guess I will take it as one more day of ok sleep and selfishness. One more day of Beverly Hills and Bold and the Beautiful. One more day of laying around. One more day of having my breasts to myself. One more day Neal can rub my feet. One more day I can give Neal a list of things to do. One more day to go out and enjoy lunch. One more day of feeling my babies kicking inside of my belly. One more day of wondering what my new life will be like.

Monday, June 22, 2009

37 weeks

I had another doctor appointment today. Nothing eventful. I had to do a fun test for type B strep or something like that. It was not that fun. Heartrates are looking good. It seems as though my doctor let my c-section fall through the cracks. I think they forgot to schedule it. Hopefully they can get it scheduled for the 6th. They are going to get one hell of a letter from me after the babies are born. I don't want to send anything to them now, before they cut me open. Here is my picture. I am ginormous. I also posted my shrek foot. I know, it is gross. I work from home tomorrow, so it should look a little better.

One more appointment next Monday and then the c-section on the 6th, unless I go into labor before then. So far I have not had one contraction, unless they are completely painless, which I highly doubt! I am not that tough. Overall I feel good. I am not sleeping the greatest and have to go to the bathroom 1,000 a day, but I think that is pretty common.

We got a little baby practice this weekend with the Whitney's baby. Neal is going to be a great dad. Fortunately Nathan is a really good baby.