Monday, June 22, 2009

37 weeks

I had another doctor appointment today. Nothing eventful. I had to do a fun test for type B strep or something like that. It was not that fun. Heartrates are looking good. It seems as though my doctor let my c-section fall through the cracks. I think they forgot to schedule it. Hopefully they can get it scheduled for the 6th. They are going to get one hell of a letter from me after the babies are born. I don't want to send anything to them now, before they cut me open. Here is my picture. I am ginormous. I also posted my shrek foot. I know, it is gross. I work from home tomorrow, so it should look a little better.

One more appointment next Monday and then the c-section on the 6th, unless I go into labor before then. So far I have not had one contraction, unless they are completely painless, which I highly doubt! I am not that tough. Overall I feel good. I am not sleeping the greatest and have to go to the bathroom 1,000 a day, but I think that is pretty common.

We got a little baby practice this weekend with the Whitney's baby. Neal is going to be a great dad. Fortunately Nathan is a really good baby.

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Cheryl said...

You look like you're either going to burst or tip over.