Thursday, July 2, 2009

We have some new pics.... Please do not order through the site, we bought the rights, so we can order them through a cheaper store.

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Password is O1Y4H5P0H2

Once you see one of the babies you can change the drop down menu to see the other.

I hate to brag, but man are they cute babies!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Grady Ryan Kothe 5lbs 5oz, 17.5 inches born 6/29 at 7:27pm

Gwendolyn Marie Kothe 5lbs 7oz, 19.5 inches born 6/29 at 7:30PM(pink hat)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have said it before and I will say it again.... I like to plan ahead, way ahead. I saw a message board on a book regarding discipline and could not pass it up. Someday I can come back and read this entry and laugh at the fact that none of the techniques worked. Neal and I read some of the book on our way to the transplant games this weekend. It focuses on empowering your kid with self confidence and the ability to make decisions. To be honest, my parents could have written the book. They always treated my sister and I as adults and secretly trained us to make the right decisions. The chapter we read was about giving your child choices. The choices must both work for you. A lot of the choices the book suggested sounded ridiculous and the book even stated that. Little Johnny, do you want to have fun going to the potty or not have fun? Heck who doesn't want to have fun going to the potty! The book also stated I could use this technique on my husband. Neal, Do you want to rub my shrek feet for an hour or an hour and a half tonight? So far, I have to say, it has worked pretty well!

Doctor appointment tomorrow. I think they are going to check if I am dialated although it does not really matter at this point. It will be nice to hear the babies heart beats. I think our girl has repositioned herself as I am not feeling her head like I used to. It is hard ensuring you feel each baby every day when you don't know where they are.

What's a 38 week pregnant girl to do on the weekend

Show off her newly found figure at the city pool. No, I am not kidding, I went to the pool with Ryan, Leslie and Connor. I did not record the moment with my camera, as I am not proud. Unfortunately the pool feels so good on a pregnant body. It is the only place that makes you feel not pregnant, well as long as you don't look down. The pool takes all of the baby weight off of your body. After swimming, I put a hurting on the concession stand.

Before the pool I hit up some garage sales with my mom. People often comment that we are crazy for buying things in advance, but why not. It is going to save us in the long run and who knows if the babies will leave us with a dime once they are here. There was a set of twin parents down the street that were born in the summer so we made out on clothes! I am a sucker for anything under a buck! We also found our son's first bike for 5 bucks and our daughters first tricycle for 3 bucks.

It was a good productive day for a 38 week pregnant girl. Shrek foot was in full effect! 2 more days of work and a little over a week until the babies arrive.