Sunday, November 22, 2009

You Had a Bad Day

Gwen had her worst day ever today. Well she may say the day she was born was the worst, but in my mind today was the worst. Her eczema flared up. I tried to control it during naps with Vaseline or aquaphor, but today it did not work. I actually think it made it worse. I think she rubbed the Vaseline in her eyes. Regardless we are going to the doctor tomorrow. I hate seeing my baby cry. Next up, I will tell you how I made my other baby bleed and cry! I am having a bad mommy day all around. Hence the trip to Kroger after bedtime for some mommy juice!

There is Something About Mary

Our plant, we will call it Mary, short for Marriott. Neal bought me this plant after we were living in the hotel for a couple of days after the fire. I needed a pick me up. He tried to buy me flowers, but realized we no longer had a vase. I laughed and said we would kill it, like we do with every other indoor plant. Much to my surprise, Mary is thriving. I did not even want to take Mary to our rental home, but I am glad we did. It reminds me how great Neal and I balance each other out. When I need him he is there and when he needs me I am there. You cannot ask for much more than that our of a marriage. Thanks Mary for reminding me what is important.

We will see if Mary survives the transplant to a bigger pot back home! Less than a month, supposedly!