Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here are a couple of pictures. Gwen spent most of the week trying to get her hand in her mouth. She would start with her fist up at her forehead and slowly bring it down. Her mouth was wide open and trying to bite at her hand. By the weekend, she was much more successful. She likes to suck her thumb when she can get it in her mouth.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Is it all I thought and more?

Some things are harder than I thought and some things are much easier. The babies are very good, so that makes a lot of things easier. Thankfully some friends let us borrow their bouncy seats. These things work miracles on the babies. Gwen especially likes to bounce.

I am not quite as exhausted as I thought I would be. Now if I was not out shopping everyday to replace all of the contents of my house, I would actually have a lot of energy. The nights are much better than I thought. I am up about an hour for a feeding and both babies tend to wake up together.

I thought I would address my first list of holy crap thoughts.

1) Twins?! Two?! Of everything?!
Actually the fire has changed all of this. I realize I barely need anything to take care of two beautiful babies.

2) How do you even pick UP two babies??
Somehow Neal does this every night when he takes the babies to bed. I have to get a picture of this. I have only done it once, the day I was told my house was on fire.

3) Crying: In stereo
Very rarely does this happen. Gwen has some lungs on her, but usually only cries when she needs something. Occasionally she has her drama moments. Grady whimpers and tries to man up before crying. It takes a lot to upset that kid.

4) How will we afford diapers
We were lucky to get a lot of gift cards and right now all of the diapers are on the insurance company. We will have to face this issue in the future though. Grady can go to the bathroom three times after a feeding. He either has three kidneys or a bladder the size of a pea.

5) How do you nurse two???
Has not been an issue as I have not been that successful in nursing. I had a hard time getting Grady to latch at all. Gwen latched like a champ then we both got thrush and the house caught on fire. Given all of the stress I have had, I cannot even believe I am still producing milk.

6) Worse, how do you afford formula for two???
Up until this week I was feeding them almost all of their daytime meals with breast milk. Also, insurance is paying for a lot of formula right now. We also got a steal on formula from Dawn and she is going to continue to hook us up. Sad the margins Companies are making on this stuff.

7) I'm going to be HUGE
Looking back, I now realize I was HUGE but somehow not as miserable as I thought I would be. I would do it again.

8) Am I even equipped for this?
So far, most of the time I get by ok. I have a lot of help too. I function very well on little sleep.

9) Will we ever sleep again?
I get by ok. About twice a week I need a nap. My bedtime is 7pm. If I go to bed after 8 I am a hot mess the next day.

10) How can I fit two humans in my belly?
I look at my babies everyday and ask myself this question.

11) I need two carseats, how are they going to fit in the car? Maybe we should have bought a minivan
The CRV works fine. Another thing I realize from the fire, we have plenty and it all works.

12) Do I have the patience in me for this?
Sometimes yes and sometimes no.


We got our clothes, rugs, bedding and towels delivered today. 25 boxes and 15 feet of things on hangers. Disgusting! We have a lot of donating to do.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dash for Donation

The babies got me up early on Saturday morning to attend their first 5k. It was a warm morning. The babies did great. They managed to complete their first 5k and sleep the entire time. Now if that is not multitasking, I don't know what is. We had a great turnout as always!

If you are not an organ donor, I suggest you sign up to be one. If you need more of a reason, go here --->

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Changes since the babies

One thing I did not anticipate is the changes the babies have made in my family. My mom, sister and I have been spending a lot of time together. I did not think it was possible, but we are now closer than we were before. They are both head over heals in love with the babies. My sister comes over frequently wanting to feed, change and admire the babies. She is absolutely great with them. Mom is over a lot too and dives right in and does anything for the babies and for Neal and I. I am very lucky to have their support especially with all that has happened in the last month. Who would have thought the FR could get closer than they already are!

Connor helping Gwen out