Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Man vs. Mom

I was inspired by reading another blog. I have to happily say, my husband did not fall into many! I added some of my own. How does your hubby measure up?

Night time
Mom: Baby cries and mom jumps out of bed. After getting the baby back to sleep, mom lays in bed wondering if the baby is still breathing.
Man: Waits a good 15 minutes before he even moves, hoping his wife will get up. After 15 minutes pass, man moves or grunts loudly hoping to wake his wife. Next morning, man claims he did not hear anything.

Mom: Realizes there is going to be a baby melt down within a half an hour, so they better head home.
Man: Has no clue when the next feeding is, or that a melt down will occur, accepts another beer.

Diaper Bag
Mom: Packs everything she can imagine you could possibly need.
Man: Is shocked when he opens the bag and sees you remembered water to make a bottle.

Around the house
Mom: Gets chores, showers, etc. done at the beginning of nap time, realizing she does not know how much time she has to work with.
Man: Waits until his show is over before he gets moving. This usually falls at the end of nap time.

Bathroom Break
Mom: Pees as quickly as she can to tend to her crying baby.
Man: Plops down on the pot with a magazine.

Dirty Diaper
Mom: Can smell it a mile away. Waits until baby is done going then changes immediately.
Man: Pretends not to smell the horrible stank! Hopes that mom will come by soon to change baby.

Fussy Baby
Mom: Distraught that she cannot calm the baby, tries endlessly to help baby. Every minute feels like eternity.
Man: Sometimes ignores fussy baby. May try to calm fussy baby for 5 minutes, then puts baby down saying they can cry it out.

Bath Time on mom's night out
Mom: Hopes her hubby will bathe the baby since they have a bad case of sour milk neck.
Man: Bath night can wait until tomorrow, the baby does not smell that bad.

Feel free to add on to my list ladies!


What is this you ask? Any message board reading mom knows. And believe me, all moms want to know about this....sleeping through the night. Yes, next to your childs first words, this is the most beautiful phrase. I can now say the first 3 months flew by. If you had asked the first 3 weeks I would have said time is going slow. So how do you go about doing this. I have the advice that all moms are looking for, some moms may even pay for. The way to get your kids to sleep through the night, be blessed with good sleepers. Yes, that is the trick. I did not do anything to get them to sleep through the night, they just did it on their own. I guess somebody thought I deserved a break after my house caught on fire when the twins were only 3 weeks old. Now, it has only been a week, so this can always change back to a 3am feeding, but for now I am getting more sleep than ever. Heck, before the babies were born the only time I would get a good 10 hours was after getting a good beer buzz the night before. Then I was trying to sleep off a hang over, now I am actually getting good quality sleep. This past weekend, we actually slept in until 9am, yes I said it correctly, 9AM!

Please note I am not a professional, I am just a mom of 3 month old twins.

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this, Grady decided not to sleep through the night. Isn't that the great thing about kids, you never know what tomorrow will be like. Luckily he is the fast eater.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So by three months babies should smile. Grady must have gotten every ounce of smile DNA that we have. He smiles all of the time. Grady could be crying one second, you say his name, and he immediately smiles. He loves his name. I know we named him right. Gwen is a different story. Somedays I cannot pull a smile out of her. She just does not like to smile. I sure hope that does not mean she is not happy, because we could not be happier with her. When she does smile, it is beautiful. Sometimes she smiles real big and I just cannot get enough of it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Swim Lessons

We finally made it to the swim lessons. We only missed the first 3 lessons. I was not much for attendance in school. Of course, my kids are fish. Ok, not really fish. They have been dunked and do not scream. They have been on their backs and do not scream. They have been on their tummies and do not scream. They also do not smile, but that is another story. So my conclusion, they do not hate it. Gwen is already teachers pet. The teacher was constantly using her to demonstrate. Toward the end the babies get fussy, I think because they are cold. They do turn blue a couple of times during the class, but a few kicks later and their color returns. Geesh I hope child services is not called on me for that! Here are some pics.

Ok, I look like an idiot, but it is my daughter you want to see. Look at her floating, I mean swimming on her back. She is so advanced!

Gwen is teachers pet.

Luckily the teacher this week had a large rack. It completely took the attention away from my post baby rack being shoved into a small bathing suit.