Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grady Ryan

Grady is 3 months old. He is so cute. Grady is so animated. He smiles more than me. We often catch him laying on his mat or watching Mr. Moo Cow smiling away. He loves to give Mr. Moo Cow open mouth kisses, well actually I think he is trying to eat Mr. Moo Cow. After trying to eat him he always smiles. Grady also loves to talk. We often catch him carrying on with Mr. Moo Cow. Grady loves to have his lips tickled. Grady is not the best sleeper. He is too interested in eating to sleep. He will however lay in his crib all night long, sometimes talking to himself, but rarely crying. We think Grady may be left handed. When Grady has a dirty diaper you have to change it pretty quickly or he gets unhappy. Grady is amazing at tummy time. He can hold his head up and look in both directions, but when you hold him in your arms, he is like a bobble head. He is all over the place and often head butts me. He still likes looking to the right, but he is getting better. We have a little bit of a flat head problem that we are working hard on. Grady's hands are always opening and closing. He really likes to grab things.

Gwendolyn Marie

Gwen is 3 months old. I feel like she has been with us forever. She is so beautiful. I could stare at her all day. She has always been a good sleeper. We have called her drama, but to be honest she is not that much drama. When Gwen wants to eat, watch out, but most other times she is content. She is probably going to be a future thumb sucker. We are not yet sure if she is right or left handed. She loves her bouncy seat. Often times we wish (and sometimes do) carry it with us everywhere. Gwen can be screaming and 5 bounces in the bouncy seat or a drive a mile or less will calm her down. She likes her play mat. Gwen loves to eat Grady's hands while on it. When eating her bottle, Gwen is pretty slow. She has really started to smile, and I mean big smiles. When feeding her a bottle, you always know when she is done because she smiles. Yes, that is right a big smile while the bottle is still in her mouth. I have also seen a lot of smiles from her while she is on the changing table. This is not a random smile, but a genuine I see my mommy and I am smiling at her smile. She is not so great at tummy time. Tummy time consists of her laying on her tummy, there is no neck action, but when you hold Gwen she is so good with her neck looking in all directions. When you hold her she is grabbing on with her hands. Other times she is usually close fisted. She loves to have her lips tickled, watch her glow worm and bounce. When she sucks on her pacifier, she sucks so hard she gets what we call pacifier mouth. I am sure none of you care about this, but these are my memories that I will cherish forever.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three months old!

So we have survived the first three months and I know you are all dying to hear about me. Ok, probably not, but here are some of my thoughts about surviving the first three months with twins.

Neal has played such a large part in taking care of the babies. I need his help, I cannot do it alone. Because of this I am a better mom and more importantly wife. As a matter of fact, I think the babies have brought us closer. We are still in awe that we have created two beautiful human beings.

I never sigh to myself that there is another diaper to change. I enjoy changing diapers. To go even further, we never argue about who is going to change a diaper, we just do it. Wait I cannot lie, sometimes we argue about it, but rarely.

I can survive on a surprisingly little amount of sleep. I am actually more energetic and efficient with less sleep.

I am headed to a new doc to make sure my body (liver) can handle another pregnancy. I think I would regret not having another. I do not feel like our family is complete. Perhaps I am being selfish.

I love just staring at my babies. After my mom leaves and I am alone with them I pick them both up and sing to them. Granted this only lasts about one minute before one or both are crying, but I still do it. I actually dread the day when I cannot hold both of my babies in my arms.

Many moms say they hate the first few months, especially the late night feedings. So far, I have enjoyed them (ok not all of them). There are even nights when the babies cry to eat and I am actually excited to go do it because I miss them. Don't get me wrong, once I start feeding them I usually fall asleep. I wake up about 15 minutes later and look down thinking how fast the babies ate the bottle.

I am a better mom because I work. At the same time I hate being at work, I would much rather be with my babies. Sometimes this little reminder is all I need to remind myself not to take one day with the babies for granted.

Here are some pictures from our walk on this cool day.

Baby posts up next! Hopefully we will have the results of the babies first photo shoot. The McHenry's were nice enough to let us use their yard. Next year we hope to be in our own yard. Of course we could not get Gwen to crack a smile, but she was still beautiful. Grady smiled a ton!