Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dash for Donation

Today was the annual Dash for Donation to raise awareness for organ donation. Last year there were 1,800 and this year 2,700. Amazing! It was a great event. We were supported by friends and family. The weather was perfect. Neal was even able to complete the walk. Last year I was about 6 weeks out from surgery and it was tough. This year Neal was about 6 weeks out and he made it through just fine. Of course the organ donor in the group ran the half marathon. You think that would be enough to inspire me. Ok, maybe not the half marathon, but at least the 5k. Great job Ryan! The babies enjoyed all of the mascots that were there and even got medals for being carried across the finish line of the 100 yard dash. Afterwards the babies and mommy enjoyed the bagels and suckers. Once we got home we crashed.

Gwen was thirsty after the 5k

Grandpa and Gwen

Not sure if we got everyone.

Ryan about to cross the finish line!

Connor smiling so handsome after the race!

Monday, July 5, 2010


This year we were able to spend the 4th with the McHenry family. Patty and Ed are lucky enough to have fireworks launched within miles of their home. We took the babies and put them to bed in their pea pod tents. They did pretty well. It is amazing to believe that 9 months ago we were in this backyard taking their 3 month pictures and they had to be picked up and placed for every picture. This year we could not get them to stay still enough to take a picture.