Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

So the babies convinced me to cut their first swim lesson and go tailgating instead! I am a softy, what can I say.

Gwen was crying because she got poop on her Buckeye outfit.

After tailgate we headed to Dawn's brothers for a quick visit.

The babies were good most of the day, they had some fussy moments.
I think Gwen is coming down with a cold. It is hard to pick snots out of that little nose!

Grady looking left

Grandma feeding diva Gwen!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fussy Babies

We have been blessed with very good babies. I know I have said this multiple times before. The babies have been a little fussier than normal this week, especially towards the evening hours. I actually think they are over tired. Anyways, tonight I was that mom in a restaurant with not only one screaming baby, but two. Of course to top it off we ran in to Patty and Ed and decided to eat together. We had a great conversation with them, just wish we did not have to have fussy babies. They actually had to hold them so Neal and I could eat. How embarrassing! We left and stood outside to talk for about 20 minutes. We had the babies on the ground in their car seats and they were rocked to sleep. Two dumb parents! Why didn't we try that in the restaurant. That is my duh moment of the week.

Two things I have learned

There are two things I have learned with having kids.

1) No woman tells you what a challenge pregnancy and children can be
2) Bouncy seats need some revising

No woman ever tells you what a challenge pregnancy and children can be. Pregnancy is difficult. Physically it takes a toll on your body both during and after. There are certain activities you cannot partake it and I am not just talking about beer. I look back and remember my pregnant friends having to sit behind while we rode mopeds, hung out past 7pm or camped on a hot summer night. It is the beginning of your path to selflessness. If you do not have children, you do not know what this word means. Children and parents define the word selfless. Perhaps that is why woman never discuss this. You don't know until you do it. Along with this challenge comes the most rewarding thing you will ever experience in your life. We created two beautiful human beings. That is a miracle. I cannot imagine life without them. I do everything for them. The babies make me a better person.

On to the more serious issue of bouncy seats. I will make 3 revisions to my bouncy seat once I get around to getting a patent and a manufacturer in my spare time:
1) The damn thing should actually bounce with a battery, not my foot.
2) The toys will be in red, white and black. Apparently these are the colors that stimulate the baby, yet none of the toys have these colors.
3) The toys that hang above will have a folding mechanism so that you can pick your baby up out of the seat without banging their head into the toys.
Does anyone out there hear me?

Sleepy Time

It has been a rough couple of days getting the babies to sleep. When I say rough, it is no where near what a colicky baby would be, rough for what we are used to. Typically we can put the babies in their crib whatever time and even if they are not tired they just lay there and make noises until they fall asleep. This week has been different. Grady has been fussier than normal and Gwen needs to be rocked to sleep and sometimes that does not work. I actually had to bring her downstairs at 10:30 and shake her in the bouncy seat. I know what you are thinking, you are not supposed to shake a baby. It is not that kind of shake, at least I do not think so! So I have come to some conclusions. They had some big transitions this week. They are now sleeping in separate cribs, they are no longer being swaddled and they swithced to footy pajamas. That is a lot when you are used to a world of laying on your back and staring at the ceiling with a onsie on. I am sure they will be settled in a week or so. In the meantime, look how cute they are in their new pajamas.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The night before Christmas

You know that feeling you got the night before Christmas when you were a kid? I get that feeling every morning when it is time to wake up and see the babies. I cannot wait to hold them. 2 out of the last 4 days I woke up Grady and he gave me a big smile. What a great way to wake up every day.

Today Neal and I celebrate our 8th anniversary. It was a great year because we got the one thing we always wanted, Gwen and Grady. We have been together since June of 1995 and I cannot imagine life with anyone else. He is such a great dad. This weekend he figured out the one sure way to get the babies to smile.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend. First Buckeye Game, first attempt at swimming (failed miserably), first trip car shopping and a family cook out. I also replaced the Bumbo's this week. The babies do pretty good in them. Tippy waking Grady up Grady in the bath tub Grady in his swim trunks Gwen ready for the pool Grady sitting pretty Dance party Chin up

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taking your twins car shopping does not mean you get a deal. Damn it!
The babies will wake up 10 weeks old tomorrow and in their own crib. It was time. They are both squirming all over the place. The crib looks so big with just one baby in it!

We tried to take the babies swimming today, but when we got there the pool was closed. So instead of them swimming, they watched mommy swim laps. Might as well do those things while we can, once they start moving we are screwed!