Thursday, June 11, 2009

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Neal posted this picture and the title last night. I just do not see myself as being huge. Well, I decided to go back to my last bare belly shot. I will remind you, it was at 29 weeks.

I thought I looked big then. Man was I wrong. I am huge!

I have started to slow down this week. I think my body is finally tired. I am actually sleeping ok, minus the pee break every hour. It must be exhaustion. Somedays the babies kick like crazy, other days they are quiet. Our poor boys head is so jammed in my pubic bone, his head has to be hurting. I can barely sit at a 90 degree angle without feeling like I am hurting him. Our girl makes me crazy worried since her placenta blocks most of her activity. Usually by the end of the day she pokes her head up so I know she is ok or she kicks my back enough to remind me she is still in there. I am down to only a handful of shirts that I can wear in public. Kinda late to buy new clothes. I am now working from home 2 days a week. It helps with the swelling to have my feet up. Thankfully my boss is kind enough to let me do this.

Unfortunately we are missing our friends wedding this weekend. It was in Chicago and that was too far to travel this close to my due date. It really sucks. I highly doubt I would have fit into a bridesmaid dress at this point. I would have had to wear a sheet and I doubt the bride would have like that. Not to mention I would have to wear my pink Adidas sandals because my feet are so swollen. Yes, these are the same sandals I wore in high school. At least Matt and Jen will have my wedding gift with them at the wedding....a lifesize cut out of yours truely.

Let the countdown begin

46 inches around and 40 pounds gained. I am guessing a good 5 pounds of it is water and is located in my right foot and ankle. 25 days and counting......

Yesterday Neal and I had our 14 year anniversary. We celebrated by not really doing anything and sleeping in separate rooms. How romantic! Almost half of my life has been with him! We have been through a lot together and we are ready for the next step. I know he is going to be a great dad.