Saturday, December 26, 2009

6 months!!!

It has gone by too fast. Every day the babies are more and more fun.

Babies are sleeping a good 11 hours at night. They were going 7:30-7:00 and recently started waking up at 6 so we are trying to keep them up to 8:00. We will see how it goes. They take 3 naps a day. We find they can stay awake for about 2 hours at a time. Sometimes naps last 45 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. You just never know what you are going to get. Gwen is definitely the better sleeper. When Grady wakes up early he usually talks in his crib for about 15 minutes, then starts to whine. Gwen will sit quietly in her crib and play with her feet for a while.

The babies are eating on average 6 ounces four times a day. They moved to a four hour schedule in the last month. It is really nice. It makes going out of the house so much easier. They have cereal for lunch. This is hit or miss. Gwen will hold her bottle for a little, but they tires out. Grady has no interest in holding his bottle. When Gwen sees the bottle coming she gets excited and opens her mouth and holds out her hands. Grady eats quicker that Gwen.

They both absolutely love the Jumparoo. I am pretty sure either of them would sit in it for the whole day if we let them. Grady is rolling over. Gwen is closer to sitting up than rolling over. Tummy time is still a challenge, but we work on it every day. They love sitting in their bumbos and playing with toys. The Johnny Jump is also a hit. Currently we are using it as more of an indoor swing. We still use the bouncy seats, but not really to bounce, just to eat cereal.

We have a couple of nicknames for the kids. Gwen is pretty much Gwen, Drama (although she is not so much) or Baby Girl. Grady is G-man, G-Rady, or Bubbie. Grady absolutely loves his name. Just saying his name will usually make him smile.

Grady is a very happy easy going baby. He may whine here and there, but rarely ever cries full force. Gwen has no whine, she pretty much just has full on scream. She usually only screams when she is hungry. She has started smiling more. When she smiles she sticks her little tongue out. Grady still smiles the most. They both wake up smiling, that is after the shock of the lights being turned on. Neither of them are attached to anyone yet.

They have moved up to size 3 diapers. We are leaning toward Grady being a lefty again. We will just have to wait and see. COSI is our next adventure. Doctors tomorrow, including more shots! Pics tomorrow too! Today was a funny night, only one baby awake at a time. It was nice to spend some one on one time with each of them.

We have a busy week coming up. Pictures, doc, New Years Eve dinner, visits with Dawn and Suzy and the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl gives us a chance to bust out our Buckeye gear one more time. Whether it fits or not is another story!


We had our first dinner at the table together. It was nice, but short of course. I have loved being home with the babies the last few days. I actually think I could stay home with them full time. Unfortunately we are not rich. The older they get the more fun they get. We are a very lucky family. Grandpa got us our high chairs, so once they ship we should all be able to sit at the table. I can't wait! Tomorrow we are hoping to start some sweet potatoes. Yummy!

Merry Christmas

I promised I would take more pictures of the babies and the family and I sucked at it. I got a few, but not what I wanted. The babies made out this Christmas. Grady sat with Grandpa while we opened gifts and Gwen sat in C's Jumparoo and watched. The babies got clothes, ornaments, toys, bath toys, bath seats and swings. I am hoping to get the baths rolling asap.

Grady is ready to drive! You are probably wondering where his shirt was. Well he drooled so badly I took it off. We were about 15 minutes from pajamas time so he rocked his Christmas vest muscle man style.

Another Kothe on their laptop!

I am not sure who loves the new toys more the babies or us! It is nice to have some new things in the mix.

Roll Over Roll Over

Grady gave the family quite a surprise on Christmas. He rolled over for the first time, well the first time anyone witnessed it. Unfortunately, we did not record it. The entire room was clapping and cheering him on. Since then he cannot stop rolling over. Soon he will be rolling all over the room.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It is the only explanation for my belly. I am guessing the doctor left a baby in there!

Note: I am not to be held responsible if I just gave anyone a heart attack.

Christmas with C

Neck = Neal
C = Connor

This is my texting decoder. I am too lazy to type full names. Connor is now known as C. Anyways, R, L & C came over for Christmas last week. C had a big gift for the babies. He gave them his pacifier. C is now two and has decided he is ready to part ways with his sleeping buddy. Good luck C!

Look Mom, No Hands

The babies focus in any given day is to get as much stuff into their mouthes as physically possible. If I put my big head too close to them they will try to fit it into their mouthes. Gwen managed to eat her toy without even having to pick it up. Some would say this is lazy, but I say it is smart. That a girl!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Car ride from hell

We made a day trip up to Cleveland on Sunday for Christmas. We timed it so the ride up would be during nap time and the ride back would be bed time. 4 hours in one day is a lot of time for the babies in the car seat. On the way up we all did fine until the last 15 nminutes, but it was manageable. On the way home, Grady was not happy at all. He screamed so loud, he threw up. Poor little guy. We had to pull over twice. After a lot of shushing Grady finally gave up and mommy passed out.

Roll Over

Grady finally rolled over and I missed it. I put him on his back while I ran upstairs to put Gwen to bed, when I came back down he was on his stomach! He looked at me like I was crazy when I picked him up and started screaming YEAH at him.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twins Sweat

This is the one thing no one told me about before having twins. The sweat, oh the sweat. I guess when you think about it, it all starts when you are carrying the babies inside your belly! There are many different sweats that you have as a twins mom.

1) Stand up sit down - This is the sweat that happens when you find your self on the ground playing with the babies at a comfortable temperature. Next thing you know you have a poopy diaper, so you are up. Change the diaper, crawl back on the ground, then you smell something. You guessed it, up again. Then crawl back on the ground only to realize you have been holding it for an hour now because you did not have a free moment to relieve yourself, so you guessed it, up again.

2) The hustle - You are playing with a baby only to realize you hear a funny gurgling. You quickly search the room for a burp cloth so you can catch whatever it is that comes up.

3) The indoor/ outdoor - This sweat occurs when you are outside in the cold, then go inside someplace and try to get the kids settled. You still have your coat on and cannot help but sweat.

4) Let's get outta here - This one occurs when you decide on a limb to go someplace. You quickly bundle both babies, cage the dogs in the basement, carry the babies to the car. By the time you get into the front seat, you guessed it, sweat.

5) Embarrassed sweat - Everyone has been there. You are in public and you have a screaming baby. You pick them up, get them calmed down and back into their seat. Next thing you know you have another screaming baby. Repeat. Not only are you tired from holding the babies, but you are completely embarrassed. Pretty much immediate sweat.

That about sums up my baby sweats! I am sure you are happy to have read this. I am guessing my husband loves me just a little bit more right now.

Second visit with Santa

More to come, but here are the pics

Gwen was watching tv!

What a hunk!

Home Sweet Home

As of Wednesday the 16th we are officially back home. The fire happened almost 5 months ago. Things look pretty good overall. Best of all, we are borrowing Connor's Jumparoo and Gwen loves it. I was too lazy to move it to the rental, then turn around a month later and move it home. I will get a video up as soon as my husband sends it to me. So far every day has been met with a challenge. Day 1 I went to take my first long hot shower only to discover our drain was clogged. The water in the toilet started to rise. Luckily I ran downstairs and the plumber was there. Took Roto Rooter a couple of hours to fix. Day 2, I ask Neal to hook up the washer and dryer downstairs until the guys come to move it up to the second floor. After doing a load, I realize the agitator is not working. I decided it is not the best idea to put a 10 year old piece of equipment on the second floor and we go drop a load of dough to get a new set. Day 3, cable tv goes out in our bedroom. Cable guy spends 3 hours on a Sunday only to tell us the thing is really screwed up and someone has to come out again. It is really hard to keep 2 Beagles quiet outside in the cold. Ok, have I complained enough. I am happy to be home, but not sure I should go to bed, what will happen tomorrow?????