Friday, January 16, 2009

And Calm Again

So after the doctor freaked me out the other day I came home foaming at the mouth. I needed my nursery furniture and I needed it now. A mysterious person had bought one of my cribs off of the registry and I could not figure out who it was for the life of me. I was worried about when I would see this crib. Then after many discussions with my mother, I was convinced it was simply an error. Well talk about great timing.....after my doctors appointment I went home and on the front porch was a crib. I was now brought back down to earth and I could solve the mystery. I would never have guessing anyone that would buy this for me. How amazingly nice of Dawn. She said she knew how stressed I was about it and thought giving it to me sooner rather than later would help. It is amazing how good friends really know you. The next night, Neal and I went out to get the other crib and changing table. Now I can relax again. At least the babies have a place to sleep. Looking back, I know I overreacted, but I guess I can blame that on pregnancy hormones, although I am not quite sold on them yet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

That really hurts

I finally have an appetite back. It is so nice to enjoy food again. Unfortunately I still am getting sick. Seems to happen after my dinner. Tonight was the most expensive loss. A full meal at Ruths' Chris', including my own dessert. At least I enjoyed the taste of it going down and the good company....................... Why again do pregnant women get sick? Look at the bright side, at least I enjoy eating again. That is my favorite hobby, yes, I do consider it one of my hobbies next to watching 90210 (the original, not the remake).

Am I gonna need to be rolled?

Neal is going out of town for a night for some fishing thing when I will be around 23 weeks. He sent an email to my mother asking if she would stay with me. I immediately replied, I will be fine by myself. His response:

"You are going to be massive by then. You will need someone to roll you every 2 hours. Ha I love you."

What a guy! Glad everyone is enjoying this now, it won't be pretty later.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have I adjusted to having twins?

That was the first question the doctor asked me today. I am 14 weeks pregnant and my answer was yes. We were a little shaken at first, but now we are ready and excited. He completely changed that in a matter of say 2 minutes. He started by saying the second trimester is a great time in pregnancy and I should enjoy it......BUT I should enjoy it while it lasts because I will not be doing the same things in my third trimester that a typical pregnant woman would do. He dropped that I should get the house ready, take any necessary classes and get the nursery in order sooner rather than later. That completely freaked me out. At that moment I panicked. I sent Neal a text message saying we are getting our nursery furniture today and all of the painting in the house must be done today and I need baby detergent today....well you get the picture. Let's just say Neal said he was tired and wanted to go to be before 7pm. Tired of me asking him to do things. Up until this point he claims I have not been the horrible pregnant lady. I would love to hear what he tells his buddies. I am not that naive.

To take a couple of steps back, we kinda knew we were having twins before our first ultrasound. My beta number was high and was more than doubling every 48 hours. When we first found out we were both excited and scared. I still remember my hands shaking and continually turning to Neal, both of us grinning, and saying Holy S$@!. After a couple of weeks of realizing we can afford this, I thought I was calm.