Friday, January 16, 2009

And Calm Again

So after the doctor freaked me out the other day I came home foaming at the mouth. I needed my nursery furniture and I needed it now. A mysterious person had bought one of my cribs off of the registry and I could not figure out who it was for the life of me. I was worried about when I would see this crib. Then after many discussions with my mother, I was convinced it was simply an error. Well talk about great timing.....after my doctors appointment I went home and on the front porch was a crib. I was now brought back down to earth and I could solve the mystery. I would never have guessing anyone that would buy this for me. How amazingly nice of Dawn. She said she knew how stressed I was about it and thought giving it to me sooner rather than later would help. It is amazing how good friends really know you. The next night, Neal and I went out to get the other crib and changing table. Now I can relax again. At least the babies have a place to sleep. Looking back, I know I overreacted, but I guess I can blame that on pregnancy hormones, although I am not quite sold on them yet.

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Dawn said...

Glad that you can relax a bit now that the nursery is ready. You were too funny with this whole crib thing! Only you and your mom would be able to come up with something like a registry error to explain the crib being bought! I love your family!