Friday, May 1, 2009

Barefoot and Pregnant

Sometimes. The other day I found myself very pregnant at the food counter at Costco wanting to order one of everything. I am sure someone looked at me and laughed.

I am at a solid 25 pound weight gain. I seem to be packing it on more quickly. I keep forgetting to measure my belly. On a side not, my son appears to be giving me more stretch marks than my daughter. MEN! Hahaha!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Most people will probably never hear this word in their life. We hear it from everyone. It is the term to describe when an individual is expecting only one baby. Even individuals expecting only one child will never hear this term. Everything is compared to a singleton pregnancy. If you had a singleton pregnancy..... In a singleton pregnancy...... It is as if a twin pregnancy is so uncommon. From now on instead of referring to the other less fortunate that only experience a singleton, I will refer to us as a twinleged. We are privileged to have twinleged!

By the way, my daughter continues to be confused and is trying to escape through my esophagus. I do not think she will fit, but then again, the human body is an amazing thing!

Other weird things in my twinlege is my right foot continues to be swollen more than the left. I could use that as my new book title!

Comment I received from a stranger

Man, you are getting big.

What a jerk! I do not even know who the guy is. I wish I would have been quick to respond and ask what was growing in his belly. At least I have an excuse (this being said as I shove a devil square in my mouth).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well we finally got the nursery done. I think it turned out pretty good and pretty inexpensive, just the way we like it! The second crib is currently in our bedroom. Neal painted some wooden letters I bought at the craft store and then we hung them with ribbons. Simple and easy, although the process took 2 weeks!

It finally happened.....

Stretch marks. Oh well, I guess my bikini wearing days have come to an end. Wait, who am I kidding, they never started!

Monday, April 27, 2009

29 weeks

So you probably don't want to see my naked belly, but you have no choice now. I should take a picture of my belly button. I have been bothering Neal with it for some time. If I laugh it looks like a little mouth laughing too. I know, we have too much time on our hands.

The heat is hard on a pregnant woman! I have never been so hot in my life. You know what that means, more popsicles and air conditioning. I developed a new food craving this week, bananas. Not a bad craving until Kroger only has really green bananas.

This weekend was my shower. Mom, Stac, Les and Patty went all out. Leslie made my favorite, chocolate covered strawberries. Mom and Stac put together the cutest cupcakes decorated as a baby with a pacifier. Not only were they good, but they tasted terrific! Patty made favors including her amazing sugar cookies and Kothe twins magnets (one in blue and one in pink) to use for baby pictures on the fridge. Patty also crocheted me the two most beautiful blankets I have ever seen. I sure wish I had the patience and talent to do that. I received a ton of gifts. Again, people were so generous. There were a lot of young moms at the shower so they really know what I need. I certainly have no idea! I now have my bedding from Leslie so I can finish up the nursery. Neal's work is throwing us a shower on Friday. How spoiled are we!! Here are some pictures from Saturday.

Sunday we went downtown to see the Clippers play in the new stadium. It was a really nice ballpark. After having a lemonaid and ice cream to try to cool me down, I decided 3 innings was enough. It was a hot one.