Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Most people will probably never hear this word in their life. We hear it from everyone. It is the term to describe when an individual is expecting only one baby. Even individuals expecting only one child will never hear this term. Everything is compared to a singleton pregnancy. If you had a singleton pregnancy..... In a singleton pregnancy...... It is as if a twin pregnancy is so uncommon. From now on instead of referring to the other less fortunate that only experience a singleton, I will refer to us as a twinleged. We are privileged to have twinleged!

By the way, my daughter continues to be confused and is trying to escape through my esophagus. I do not think she will fit, but then again, the human body is an amazing thing!

Other weird things in my twinlege is my right foot continues to be swollen more than the left. I could use that as my new book title!

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