Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daddy feeding the babies

Neal is a great dad!
You can see in this picture how Grady is really filling out his clothes. Time to go to the next size buddy!

Grady chillin before his bath. He has no idea what is about to hit him.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 weeks old

My babies are 4 weeks old and they have graduated to size 1 diapers and are barely fitting in their newborn clothes. They are both eating 4 ounces a feeding. Both babies continue to sleep 3 hour stretches at night. We have had a few more meltdowns this week, but what do you expect, we have been hauling the babies to a different place every other night and they are not sleeping in a crib.

Good news is my liver numbers are back to normal. I think my body just stopped working after labor for a couple of days.

Gwen with her arms in the air. They are really enjoying all the space they have outside the womb!

Grady sleeping with his arms in the air as always!


Grady is always smiling. He is very animated.

As Neal said... The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

Literally! It happened in the afternoon on Wednesday July 22nd. The babies and I were downstairs, luckily. I was changing Gwen and a neighbor was crazily knocking on the door. I ran out the garage and heard the worst words ever, "Your house is on fire". I ran back in and let the dogs in the back yard and grabbed Grady. This would be the first time I picked up both babies at the same time. I wish it was under different circumstances. We ran outside and looked as smoke was pouring out of the roof vents we had just had installed the prior year. Luckily the neighbors across the street were home. They took the babies in and took great care of them. We had 8 fire trucks and over 20 firemen show up. They did a wonderful job and salvaged as much as they could. Another post to come on our new house, since Severhill is pretty much getting gutted. The fire burned from the roof up. The damage to the living space is mainly water damage.

We are lucky to have great family and friends. We stayed at Ryan and Leslie's for two days. As Ryan said, mom and Mike got the short end of the stick, they got Tippy and Luke. My friend Dawn arrived in town with the fire trucks on their way. Dawn, Les, Ryan, Mom and Stac all took different shifts watching the babies as Neal and I were tied up with Insurance agents, contractors and shopping. Many different people have cooked for us, which is so helpful. It keeps us from eating fast food everyday. Thanks to everyone.

I am typing this in our studio hotel room. We are all settled. I never thought I would be in a studio apartment again. Last time was in 1998 when I first moved in with Neal. It was tight then with two people, imagine two adults and two babies in that same space. Gwen and Grady will never remember this, thank god. The scariest thing is the fire started in the nursery. Thankfully it happened during the day and we are all safe. Cause of fire, electric.

We are looking now for a house to rent. We will be out of ours for at least 6 months. We need a place with a fence for the dogs. People keep asking if it is fun doing all of the shopping I am doing. The answer is no, not at all. It is horrible. Luckily we have good insurance. We now have all of the necessities, except our home. I am just glad my babies are safe. My dad said we are so patient. I asked what choice do we have. Neal said we are being tested to see how strong we are. My response, we have already been tested and proved we are strong.

I may choose to delete these pictures in the future, but here they are for now.