Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Little Fashionista

Aunt Stacy brought Gwen some leg warmers from Chicago. She is so adorable in them. As soon as I put them on her she jumped up (for the first time ever) started dancing and said her first words...."She's a maniac, maniac on the floor". I guess Gwen just needed some inspiration to start walking and talking.

The Dogs

The dogs continue to do good with the babies. They are not overly interested. Tippy just started to play with their toys a little more, but he stops when you tell him no. Tippy enjoys baby cereal way more than the babies, although that is not saying much, he also likes dog poop. The babies on the other hand love the dogs. They watch them all of the time. The dogs actually distract the babies when they are eating. The babies like to pet the dogs too, but the dogs do not quite appreciate it yet. Luke loves to give the babies kisses. This week he wanted to hang out with the babies, Santa and the snowman.

Breakfast with Santa

This past weekend the local twins club hosted breakfast with Santa. We may be a little premature for this, but I liked the idea of being able to take my own picture and not get ripped off at the mall. Not to mention I would not have to wait in line forever and I would get to eat. Pretty much two of my favorite things. So Neal took the pictures and claimed we had a great one. There was only one picture where both of the babies were kinda looking at the camera. So without further ado here is my kids first picture with Santa and some other ladies behind.

I was also hoping to meet another couple that Neal and I both got along with and had twins about 5 months old. Well, let's just say we will try again next year.


That is what the babies would be saying if they could talk. They started having their first tug of war over toys last week. It has not gotten that ugly yet, they are still smiling.

And yes, my little fashionista is rocking her Halloween bib in December. She cannot always be on.