Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Neighborhood Party

Our neighborhood had a party tonight. Jen and Raegan went with us since the guys were golfing. It was the first day the kids have left the house since we started potty training last Friday. I loaded the potty in the trunk and off we went. The kids had a great time and the best news is we had ZERO accidents. I did have them sit on the potty before we went home in order to avoid any accidents in the car. Raegan helped the kids go through the inflatable obstacle course. Surprisingly Grady loved it and took off. Gwen did pretty good too, but never made it to the big slide at the end. Raegan was lucky enough to win a prize at the end. Overall it was a great event just down the street for free. It does not get much better than that!

Grady smiled as soon as he saw Raegan, he really missed her!

It is my fault Gwen was slow, I had to put her in a dress...

By the end everyone wanted to hold Raegan's hand!

My little dare devil!