Sunday, December 25, 2011


The looks on the kids faces as Santa was coming in the room. They were beyond excited. Probably the biggest day in their lives so far!

M&M face

Sibling love!

Gwen and her new ruff.


Surprised face!

So excited to be with Santa.


CC and Gwen!

New scooter!

Finally sitting on Santa's lap, but mommy had to go too.

Grady and Ga!

Grady is ready to ride!

The school bus is an old gift that keeps on giving!

Dog, check, jewelery, check, heels, check, major mistake by Santa, check


Checking out my new scooter.

Santa came!

The kids had a great Christmas. They received more gifts than they needed and ate too much candy and cookies, it does not get much better than that. They were very excited that santa was able to visit the house. They were hesitant to sit on his lap, but eventually they did (with some help). They promised me next year they would sit on his lap. The excitement in their eyes as he came and left was priceless. They are already asking for mo Santa and I told them next year after their next birfday.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo Friday

One of Grady's many fits he is throwing. Typically they are related to eating, putting on his coat/shoes/clothes or going to the bathroom.
Open Gym Christmas Party!

Grandma came along to help. Grady is 2 bits in the cookie he decorated, by the time I turned to Gwen to take her picture with her cookie, it was all gone.

New artwork in the Worthington Rec Center!

Grady was not too sure about Rudolph's nose.

Finger painting!

A little closer to sitting on Santa's lap!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trip to the zoo with our friends!

Daddy's got this!

Sesame Street Live!

Sharing a seat at Sesame Street Live!

Monday, November 21, 2011


We visited Santa early this year since Neal is having surgery this week. The kids were excited to see Santa, that is until we actually saw Santa. They completely froze.

They would not sit on Santa's lap, so Santa was kind enough to let Gwen and Grady sit in his seat. Unfortunately Gwen did not get to tell Santa she wants a baby doll and Grady did not get to tell Santa he wants a blue truck, but I am sure he already knows that! And yes, Gwen insisted on carrying her purse around the mall tonight. After Santa we headed over to Build a Bear and the kids got to make Ruff 2 and Ruff 3.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Worthington Rec Halloween Party

Worthington put on another great party for Halloween. The kids played games, went on a hayride and did a little bit of trick or treating! By the time the 31st rolled around they completely understood what to do when we when to the neighbors houses.

Give me my candy dad!

Yes, it was cold, but Papa still had his shorts on!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Kid Beds!

It was time. I am quite upset about it as I feel like next they will be going off to college, but it was time.

I could see a switch go off in Gwen's head saying to herself, I am a princess! She loved it and did not try to move out of it once.

Grady in his manly car bed showing off his manly muscles and his tutu! He was so excited.

Naptime did not go quite as planned. After 2 hours screwing around (mostly Grady jumping in Gwen's bed and kicking her) they came downstairs and took turns passing out on the couch.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo Friday!

Pumpkin Patch!

Boo at the zoo!
Grady and Gwen love characters! Gwen likes to give hugs and high fives and Grady follows his little sister, a little hesitant, but eventually loving it.

Pirate in the aquarium at the zoo!

Hanging out in close places. After I loaded this I see Gwen face planting into an apple. I have never claimed to be mom of th year. At least she is eating fruit!

Smoothie moustaches!