Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I never thought this would happen, but here I am 28 weeks pregnant and I think this is my best week yet. Maybe because my cold is gone, maybe because I am no longer vomiting, maybe it is the large number of pillows I take to bed with me, whatever it is I don't care. Both babies continue to kick, although not always as strong. My baby girl is confused and thinks she should be exiting my esophogus, so every once in a while I need to give her a little nudge down.

Last weekend we took our final class on birthing. Yes, some things were disturbing. The most disturbing thing was Neal throwing up the peace sign and hanging his head low when I introduced him. (Sorry dear, you put every embarrassing thing about me on your blog) Surprisingly he did not look awkward like the guy below, but looked like he had been throwing up the symbol his whole life. Next time you see him, feel free to say "PEACE".

Neal and I have been really having some good laughs together (peace sign and all), which after 13 years together and being 28 weeks pregnant, is fairly impressive. After all of these years and growing from a teenager to a 30 year old, I can say I married the right man for me. Hopefully we can remember to have those laughs when the babies are here, I am a milking factory and we have not slept in days.

This weekend, baby shower in Columbus. I am really anxious to start getting things organized as I fear someday I will be immobile! I am also a planner if you did not know that. I plan way too far in advance. We have had space in our house cleared out for the babies for 2 months now just waiting for swings, play pens and everything else we can use an an extra arm.

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we still got the fire!