Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Woman's Code

No one talks about it. It is simply known or perhaps it is mother nature. All women that have been pregnant and I am assuming who have been through labor know it. Perhaps I will actually get a manual before I leave the hospital. You don't tell your newly pregnant or trying to get pregnant friends the truth about pregnancy and labor. You only speak of the good. Instead of saying it hurt worst than anything you could imagine, you say, I would do it all over again or my baby made me forget the pain. One acquaintance has not read the code book. Perhaps I should give her mine. Heck even Neal knows better than to talk in detail about his surgeries. Oh well, I know what is coming is not going to be fun, but still would rather go into it without any knowledge or expectations. If only the docs could find another way to get your babies out.

There are some groups of woman out there who are in the minority that love pregnancy. I am more in the middle. It is absolutely amazing that you can grow a human inside your body, but it does take over your body. I of course am enjoying the second half of my pregnancy much better since I am not throwing up constantly. Without getting sick, I would say I am close to being in that minority. And now that I am 20 days from the end I am soaking in every kick I can. I even snapped at Neal for trying to touch my belly and hog a kick. We have wanted this for many years and are so happy to finally have the chance to have a family.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I hope that is not me...I don't think I spared any details...I didn't realize there was a code book, I always wanted all the details :)