Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birth Story

Monday, June 29th I had a doctor appointment. It was my 38 week appointment. I got my weight checked and was up around 50 pounds. Blood pressure was fine. I told the midwife I was not feeling Gwen as much as I typically had. She sent me to OSU to get a nonstress test. Basically they were going to monitor my contractions and Gwen's response to them. Neal met me at home and we got our bags, just in case and headed to OSU. Talk about an adrenaline rush. This could be the day! Once at the hospital, I was hooked up and the babies were great. We found out I was having contractions, even though I could not feel them. I was also 1-2 centimeters dialated. We also found out my blood pressure was running high. After checking with my doctors, it was determined I would deliver that night. It was much easier not knowing it was the day. There was less time to think about what was about to happen. We had to wait a couple of hours because I had ate. Surgery time was scheduled for 6:30. We frantically called everyone to tell them our exciting news. I was excited the babies were finally coming.

I got an IV put it. It was a fear of mine, but not as bad as I thought. Around 6:30 my doctor arrived and they put took me down the to OR. Neal had to wait outside. It took them three attempts to get my spinal done. I felt bad that Neal was sitting outside waiting it was almost a half an hour. For some reason I was not as scared as I figured I would be. I just wanted it over with. Neal then came in. He was much more brave than I anticipated. He was standing up and looking over the curtain taking pictures. I could not believe him. My blood pressure was all over the place and they had to keep giving me a medicine to control it. The medicine gave me the worst headache of my life. It was so bad I begged the anestesiologist to rub my head, which he did. Grady was first out. He began to cry immediately. His color was amazing. He was perfectly pink, not at all like what you see on tv. His APGAR score was a 9, 10 being the best. Gwen was next. She did not start crying immediately. She scored an 8 then five minutes later was a 9. Both very good scores for twins. There really was no pain. A little pressure, but nothing unbearable. Neal went to the nursery with the twins. Due to my high blood pressure I was put on magnesium sulfate for 12 hours. I was put on this because I was diagnosed with preeclampsia which can lead to seizures after birth. This stuff is poison. It basically shuts down your nervous system. I really do not remember much of that night. I do not even remember holding my babies for the first time. I would describe the magnesium sulfate as shutting your body down just before you die. Everything is delayed, you cannot walk and you are slow to talk. All of my family and friends were able to stop and see the babies. The babies stayed in the nursery their first night of life.

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Anonymous said...

That magnesium sounds absolutely miserable. I don't remember much about holding Gina the first time either and I think it was the drugs - they are just awful.