Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally a break

Ok, not exactly the break I was looking for, but a break non the less. Neal and I went to Longhorn for lunch. Before you ask, yes, food is curing our depression. I took a call about a house for rent and told them our story and the fact that we only wanted a 6 month lease. He of course said no thanks. I think the waitress heard us. When the meal was over she said it was on the house. I asked why and she just said it is a rough time and we have the twins. How nice is that! It put a smile on our faces. Wish it was a house with a fence available, but hey we will take it. Go to Longhorn at Tuttle, they are good people. We will be going back over the next several weeks and talking about each of Neal's medical crisis....we should be able to get free food through the end of the year.

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