Sunday, April 4, 2010


Mom had some old school seats for the babies at dinner. The babies loved them. Grady's chair actually said babysitter on the back of his seat! I guess it was a good baby sitter except for the times the rusty lap belt broke and he almost feel through the hole. We had some good laughs about the old seats, but they worked!


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leslie said...

I love the old school seats!!!! Whatever works, right?!?! :) You should see the high chair that my mom uses at her house. It's hilarious to me but Connor doesn't know the difference - all he cares about is eating!!!

Wendy said...

Love the hat! My friend has one of those johnny jump up things that hangs from a door frame (from when she was a baby some 30 years ago). It advertises on the box "frees mother for long periods of time." Nice. :)