Monday, November 22, 2010


Grady does not like Gwen to play with anything. As soon as she starts playing with something he immediately wants it. Grady goes to Gwen with another toy to try to get what he wants. The other day he was hoarding everything on the toy box. He would run away to get another toy and if he saw Gwen going anyplace near the toy box he would run right back over there.

Grady trying to get the top. He typically says "ehhhhhhhh", which I translate to mean "wanna trade?"

Mid swap, Gwen is happy with any toy so she typically goes along with it.

Post swap, everyone is happy until Gwen touches another toy and we repeat..... 100 times a day. It is not just toys, it is pacifiers, sippy cups, plates, snacks, you name it.


Anonymous said...

New A&E show: Baby Hoarders.

Anonymous said...

How precious are they !! Grady the
"strong- willed little guy, Gwen, the soft- hearted little doll.!!!
Love ya, Gram Dorothy