Sunday, May 1, 2011


Some would say Gwen and Grady were a little spoiled this Easter. They got to attend four Easter Egg hunts, including one at home. By the last one they started to get the picture. The first one went so fast, we were just glad they bent over and picked up an egg. Daddy decided to practice with them after that, but forgot to put something in the eggs. When we got to the second hunt in our neighborhood, Grady was ready. He knew exactly what to do. He ran for the first egg, picked it up then stood there looking at it and shaking it trying to figure out what was inside. Meanwhile his sister picked up ten eggs rather quickly, then dumped her basket of eggs back on the ground. By egg hunt three Grady really knew what he was doing and Gwen did her typical fill and dump routine more than once. They ended up getting six baskets a piece this year. Enough chocolate to ruin Mommy's weight loss.

An attempt at a group shot.

Attempt gone bad....

Grady starting out the easter egg hunt at home.

Gwen smiling on a chocolate high.

Say cheese!

Everyone needs some milk after all that chocolate.

Gwen walked around with her chocolate in her mouth a while, she was tired of holding it.

Grady was very happy Easter Sunday.

Gwen after cleaning up in the neighborhood hunt.

Grady relaxing on the porch after the Kasulis hunt.

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