Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This picture is everything Grady is. He is very excited about everything in life and enjoys every minute.
Grady is such a joy to be around. He enjoys everything around him. Grady currently goes through a list of names multiple times a day....Papa, Dada, Mama, CC. After repeating this he looks to me for some answers. We go through the list again

Grady: Papa

Me: He is at home

Grady: Dada

Me: He is at work

Grady: Mama

Me: I am right here

Grady: CC

Me: She is at home

Grady goes through this about a dozen times a day minimum. Someday he will have so many people added to the list it will take all day to get through. Grady loves to play with all of his toys, he especially enjoys lining them up. Grady sleeps very well and currently prefers a crib full of stuffed animals. It is not always easy to convince Grady to go inside or outside as he is always busy doing something. He loves helping with yard work. Grady still loves his fruits and veggies. He is quite the dare devil at the playground, I sometimes have problems keeping up with him. Grady will find the highest slide and climb up to go down it all by himself. He must get that from his daddy, because I still do not like to climb to the top. Grady loves his sister and typically will share anything with her. I am lucky to end every day with a big hug and him saying night night. Happy second birthday Grady!


Anonymous said...

It is comforting to know that someone cares about where I am. Love you Grady!

Aunt CC

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Grady, I love you very much.

Granny Nanny