Monday, July 4, 2011

Second birthday party!

Grady and Gwen's second birthday party was a big success. We were able to celebrate with our family and close friends. Gift opening is certainly a little chaotic, but we survived. It is pretty easy to get side tracked when you are two!

Grady almost slept through his birthday party!

Daddy and Papa somehow got roped in to finishing putting together the food.

Neal somehow managed to get out and Gram D took over.

Grandma and Papa Moustache arrive with the pizza! In perfect Kacirek fashion, I ordered too much.

Gwen's birthday candle.

Grady's birthday candle.

Gwen had a little sampling of the cake when it arrived.

A little soccer out back! My girl loves to kick.

Rock band!

Loving the music!

Don't float away!

My favorite baby boy!

Balloons! Not a bad way to wake up from your nap!

Are all those balloons for me?

Grady will catch on soon! At least C can smile for the camera.


I need to distract her so I can get the mic!

Daddy doing what he does best!

Happy girl in her new necklace!

Naked's bed time!

Chocolate covered goodness!

New shoes, every girls dream!

Cheese on cheese!

Chapstick, not just for your lips, but also for your nose and cheeks!

As always, Jen did an amazing job on the cake!

At one point I heard C ask Gwen if she could pump herself.... Don't I wish!

99 Luftballons

Connor with his balloons and food baby.

Aunt CC

Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick

Biz's beat of the day

Man I am tired

Check out my new chain

Daddy what are you doing to C?

Swing and a miss.

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