Sunday, July 29, 2012

Camping Trip

The kids were finally old enough to do a group camping trip.  We headed to Alum Creek for 2 nights.  It was a great weekend.  The kids and adults had a lot of fun.  The kids get along so well.  C and Gwen like to run around and be crazy, while Grady and M like digging in the dirt and rocks.  I cannot wait to go on another trip.

The daddy's as Gwen calls them took the kids on an early morning hike on Saturday.  Purpose being to not piss off our neighbors at 6am.
They picked berries on their hike!  Meanwhile, the mommy's and M stayed back at the campsite to get the fire going to cook breakfast. 

 Alum Creek had fishing poles and bait available for the kids on Saturday morning.  C caught a fish within 30 seconds of being there and Grady caught one a little later.  Gwen and M did not have any luck.

 M and C high fiving or something close to that!
 Saturday night we made ice cream!  It was very fun and extremely tasty!

 The kids got along really well.  I do not really remember a time when we had to intervene.  The mommy's and daddy's only got in a few arguments.
 C chasing the ice cream ball.

On the way home I asked Gwen what her favorite part of camping was and she immediately responded C!  I look forward to watching our kids grow up together.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get an R2D2 chair? That is awesome.

Glad you had fun, I'm just bummed you didn't bring me some ice cream!


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Anonymous said...

That was too fun!!!! I can't wait to do it again, also! P.S. we are the queen fire-starters:)