Sunday, June 2, 2013


We are gonna miss Luke so much. I was trying to remember things Luke did and had a hard time in comparison to tippy. I guess that means Luke was a great dog. He used to be able to jump into our arms. Always sat when he heard something and turned his head and lifted his ears. Ryan loved to play catch the tongue and Grady could not get enough of Luke's ears. Damn i really miss him. I keep hearing his collar jingle like he is still running around the house. He got his fair share of Gwen and Grady's food when they say at the little table. We could never teach him to go for a walk because he always ran ahead, choked himself then snorted. I hope he has been reunited with his brother tippy.

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Stacy said...

Remember when he would bust thru your bathroom door, in Cville and jump on your lap?

See my fb post......a farewell from Luke? Perhaps.