Tuesday, June 30, 2015


My babies are turning 6 today. I love them both with all of my heart. 

I cannot believe Gwen is only 6. She is already acting much older. She is very kind and caring. Gwen always wants to help out.  She is wonderful at teaching others.She frequently says that she knows everything and I would not be surprised if she was a teacher one day. Gwen is a daddy's girl. Gwen loves to color and do crafts. She is very creative. Gwen has really blossomed this year socially. 

I cannot believe Grady is 6!  He is all boy. Grady is a mommas boy. He has become more outgoing and very adventurous.  Grady has even decided he likes swimming. He is very inquisitive and likes to understand everything. Frequently I cannot answer his questions!  Grady continues to love bugs. Currently he spends the first 15 minutes of every day looking at the garden and flowers. He also enjoys driving Gwen crazy, but I guess that is what brothers are for. Although sometimes I wonder if he can hear me, grady is a great kid.  

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