Sunday, December 21, 2008

Opinions are like A** Holes, Everyone Has One

I have learned this more than ever since getting pregnant. I am going to be a first time mother of twins and believe me I need them, but man do they vary. I do not even know who to believe. I am trying to take everyones suggestions and will try whatever works when the babies come, that is if I can afford it.

One decision that seems to really get a reaction is our strong consideration of having an au pair. An au pair, which I cannot say by the way, is a 20 something year old from Europe that will live with us for a year. Of course. Neal and any man you tell the idea loves it and is already asking when they can come over to help with the babies. We do not really have the option of staying home and raising the babies and daycare is much more expensive. The more research we do, the more we realize the decision seems obvious. We have a meeting in a week with the local coordinator to discuss this option further. We also have appointments with other services to figure out what is the best fit. We will never know if we made the best decision, but we are trying our best.

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