Tuesday, March 10, 2009

22 weeks

I had a quick appointment yesterday, probably 4 minutes. So far, my cervix is holding up and the babies hearts are beating around 150 beats per minute. Our baby boy was still kicking away at my cervix. I have an ultrasound next Friday and another appointment in 2 weeks. I will be seeing the doctor quite frequently from here on out. My belly is continuing to expand.

I have learned that salads are a no go with my stomach. I wish I would have known that before we attended a formal event this weekend. Unfortunately I had to run out a couple of times during the presentation. Worst part is the last time, there was someone else in there. I am used to this, it happens frequently, however this woman wanted to hang out and chat. First was the are you ok..... my response is always, yes, I am pregnant (I do not want people to think it is the food they just ate). Then she continued to ask when and how frequently I get sick. All while I am getting sick. At this point my routine is to splash water all over my face and gargle in the sink. Well, I could not do that with the lady watching me, not to mention I had a dress on. So ladies, if you are in the bathroom and someone is puking, the best way to help is to leave!


Anonymous said...

Looking good girl! I have that same photo of me, but mine is from too much xbox and skyline.


McCauley's Blog said...

Looks like you got me beat Michele! But that is good!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your cervix is holding up....mine is a mess!