Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Boys

Not the babies, but the dogs. We have always called them our boys, they are our first born. I am already starting to think about the exciting changes in their lives. Yes they will get less attention, but think about what they will gain.

1) Poop inside the house! My dogs love poop. I know it is disgusting, but what is a girl to do. Basically we are going to bring 2 treat producers into the house to live. The dogs will be ecstatic. I just hope they don't swallow the whole diaper.

2) Messy eaters. The dogs always know to sit my the messiest eater. They can each take one baby. The benefit to us is that we never have to mop the floor. I am sure they will be licking the babies hands and face, but hopefully not nibbling.

3) Freedom all day. Since we are getting in home care, the boys will be out all day. I am not convinced this is a big bonus for them, since I believe they have no concept of time. I could leave the house for 2 minutes or 8 hours and when I come home they still act as if it is the greatest thing ever.

4) Four more potential hands to pet them. This really only applies to Tippy. Tippy believes that when a hand is visible or moving, it is meant to be petting him. He will be busy running from baby to baby to get a pet. As Tippy always says "pet me pet me pet me pet me".

5) Something to cuddle with. The boys like nothing more than taking a nap right up next to a warm body. Now they will have 2 more warm bodies that sleep more on their schedule, which is basically around the clock.

6) More toys to chew on. Since we got Luke, we have had to stop bringing toys in the house. He considers it his personal responsibility to tear them apart as quickly as possible. Now he will be able to do that with the baby things. Tippy on the other hand loves to play fetch. I am sure we will have plenty of stuff laying around that he can fetch.

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Anonymous said...

Baxter found a new poop spot he enjoys in the family room corner by our fake tree. I guess to him, it's a tree at least to poop by. Good luck to your soon-to-be housefull. We will be asking for tips for our future someday.