Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Am I ever going to nest? I am assuming I will when I am as big as a house. At that point, it will be impossible.

The babies are finally starting to kick. It is not really strong, but it is a kick. I am convinced it is our baby boy given his position, but that can always change. Why is it that every time I feel a kick, by the time I put my hand or Neal's hand on my belly, the baby stops kicking?

Do books help or hurt? I mean honestly how am I gonna know what to do until put into the situation. I can already see myself stuffing food in my kids face to shut them up. Oreos have nutritional value right?

How am I going to get into my bed? It is so high up. Rolling out is not a problem, getting in is another story.

Why do people feel the need to ask if we had our twins naturally? Neal and I are pretty open people, but seriously, is that an appropriate questions to ask someone? My new response is yes if you consider doggy style natural. That should shut them up.

I am currently reading Juggling Twins. I told Neal he should read a couple of books. His response, "Why would I want to juggle my twins, that is dangerous". DAMN HIM!


Anonymous said...

Damn baby juggler!

Anonymous said...

Nice dog pic.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that oranges don't kick....even multiple oranges.....