Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In my eyes. I had 4 days in a row without getting sick! Whohoo! 4 whole days eating, that is something to write down. Of course that all came crashing down after lunch today, but what are you gonna do. Tonight I am headed to a buffet, so I can make up for it quickly.

Next doctor's appointment is Monday, then we are headed to Windsor for the day. I thought I would be less nervous about appointments once I got past the first trimester. I am still nervous, but my concerns are different. I want to keep those babies cooking as long as possible. Luckily I am monitored every two weeks. I am spoiled. I do not have to go too long with worrying. Hopefully we will win big in Windsor and start the babies college funds out early. Who I am kidding, the casino always takes all of our money.

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