Monday, March 16, 2009

23 weeks

I have started supplementing with Boost. I have been feeling low energy and I think it is due to not enough calories or nutritious food and too much vomiting. I am only getting sick about once or twice a week now, but I am sick the entire day. It takes me two days to recover from that. So far, two days of Boost and I am feeling pretty good and starting to venture away from my toast, pizza, garlic bread diet and pudding cake. I have added grape fruit, mandarine oranges and girl scout cookies. Healthy, I know! Those seem to be the foods that guarantee me a decent day. Prior to pregnancy I had cravings all day every day and could barely stop eating. Now that I am pregnant I wake up dreading eating because I do not want to feel or get sick. Strange!

So here is the belly.....

I know, you can be honest. I already look as big as a house! It is growing at an exponential rate. I think it is getting to the stage where by big butt is starting to look deceptively smaller. Not small, just smaller. I swear I wake up in the morning and look down in shock. Apparently the babies are happy with the carbs I am eating. Let's be honest, who would not be happy with an all carb diet! I am up about 16 pounds. We have another ultrasound on Friday. My Cleveland shower is this weekend. And to think my mom and sister were worried I would not be showing for the shower!

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